Brocade Jacket Dress | LARGE

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e r a : Victorian era (?) I am not an expert on this era but after researching, am giving my best educated guess 

f a b r i c : heavy brocade + silk lining + faux fur

c o l o r : various

f a s t e n e r s : back hook/eye closure

d e s i g n e r : n/a

d e t a i l s : stunning unique dramatic sleeves, opens in the back to just below waist, faux fur trim, silk lining, possibly a costume? 

c o n d i t i o n : excellent - faint spots on lining and a few very small spots on the brocade

s i z i n g : fits like modern size large

m e a s u r e m e n t s (inches) :

length 33
bodice length 19
shoulders 17
sleeves 27
bust 49
waist 34
hips open

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