1960s Silver Brocade Feather Trim Cocktail Dress | SMALL

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e r a : 1960s

f a b r i c : cotton brocade

c o l o r :  metallic silver

f a s t e n e r s : metal back zipper

d e s i g n e r : n/a

d e t a i l s : gorgeous silver metallic brocade, rhinestone straps, white turkey feather trimmed hem. belt is not original and has a piece of tape that can't be removed without damage but it's hidden underneath the overlapped part of belt.

c o n d i t i o n : great - the tinsel on the brocade is tinseling, it's raised from the cotton brocade is is not "flat" in all areas so, it may not be it's original shape but still presents really well. there will be some feather loss as it's worn and typical of feather adornment of this era

s i z i n g : fits like modern size SMALL

m e a s u r e m e n t s (inches) :

length 48
bodice 16
bust 34-35
waist 29
hips 44

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